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Our Work

Small Business Consulting

Two of CTC's current project teams are devoted to leveraging our technology expertise in helping small businesses to thrive. We work with a wide range of organizations ranging from the State Theater of Ithaca to the Ithaca Coffee Company.

Non-Profit Consulting

Our CTC non-profit teams do work with a variety of charitable organizations helping them with search-engine optimization, website improvement, and other traditional management consulting applications. We look forward to expanding this area of our club's work. 

Tompkins County Public Library and Ithaca City School District Work

Since it's inception CTC has been working with the Ithaca City School District and the Tompkins County Public Library in order to further our goal to make technology, and the benefits it provides, more accessible to the residents of our community. 



We want to bring technology to those who can benefit from it most. We were inspired to do this after witnessing the disparity between big, wealthy companies who augment their businesses with technology, and smaller operations (family owned businesses, schools, charities, etc) miss out on the benefits technology can bring. We're pursuing our mission through partnerships with Tompkins County Library, Ithaca Coffee Company, State Theatre of Ithaca, Tompkins Learning Partners, Finger Lakes Toy Library, and others.


Our Team


Kaitlyn Boyer

Bradley Schoenfeld

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Trey Hensel


Human Resources 

Jet Hardie

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Albert Sebastian

New Client Manager

Rachel Spivak

Outreach Officer

Justin Sirota

Outreach Officer

Austin Hochman

Head of Technology




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